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Welcome to our worldwide family ...... 

We are a FREE site for those who have captured or experienced one or more paranormal events  or those that are just curious and wish to be entertained.


 All you neeed to do is click register and fill out what you wish others to see in your profile.


YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER TO WATCH CONTENT ! .You do need to be a member to post content.


This is for a serious examination of real paranormal events.

This is not for those that would make light of any others

paranormal experiences.  ( any activity as such will not be

  tolorated and may result in a perminate ban .)     Thank you,     Staff

Some images are debatable.  We would

like your input on such photos, audio, and

video files shared by our members.

   For example this image to the left of

this text....Real or faked ?  could be real

or a double exposed......?


by Bret Peters over a year ago

We are a FREE site !  Membership is free !

The donate button below is only if you wish to donate any amount for equipment.The equipment is for our team of paranormal investigators. You will never be charged any amount for anything in this site. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE ! WE DO NOT NEED YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO ! THIS IS ONLY IF YOU WISH TO DONATE !

                                       Thank you

                                      Bret Peters